A fearful turmoil





Economic stringency

Perpetual disagreement with each other; one opinion opposed to another opinion

The everlasting, constant waking up in the morning and getting ready and rushing off to the office or to a factory

Rush off on Sundays to church or temple or mosque just to show up that we are there for god to look at us

Work, work, work

The responsibilities

The duties

The pain

The fear

The anxiety

The loneliness

Go to the office from the age of twenty until you die without ever realising what was living.

Miyamoto Musashi

It is not should be,

it is not should not be.

It is not should have been,

it is not should not have been.

It is not would be,

it is not would not be.

It is not would have been,

it is not would not have been.

It just is.

It just is not.

It has always been this way.

It will remain this way.

How Many Of These Are Holding You Back?

Life’s greatest tragedy consists of men and women who earnestly try, and fail! The tragedy lies in the overwhelmingly large majority of people who fail, as compared to the few who succeed.

Napoleon Hill had the privilege of analyzing several thousand men…



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