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Flames of Fury and the Path to Wisdom

2 min readSep 25, 2023


In the crucible of existence, where sparks of emotion ignite,

Humans, often unaware, embrace anger’s furious might.

In the relentless quest for life’s elusive energy, they toil,

Seeking the path of least resistance, their hearts embroiled.

For millennia, anger, like a siren’s call, has held its sway,

An unconscious choice, leading them astray.

Unaware of their fiery rage, they drift apart,

Concealing their true selves, guarding each fragile heart.

Invisible masks they wear, to hide the blaze within,

As their dwindling energy diminishes, they sin.

To gain strength, they cannot afford to waste,

Thus, anger becomes a familiar, bitter taste.

Yet, a secret lies waiting, concealed from view,

A truth, a revelation, a journey anew.

Why do humans cling to anger’s fiery breath,

And how can they escape this dance with death?

The serious soul, untouched by energy’s dearth,

Treads wisely, a steward of their limited worth.

With measured energy, they respond to life’s call,

A vast chasm lies between them and anger’s thrall.

In response, they unleash energy just and true,

A world apart from the unserious, it’s true.

A difference vast as Earth’s poles, cold and warm,

Their responses ignite a different kind of storm.

The energy spent, a harmonious flame,

Kindles understanding, ignites truth’s name.

In the crucible of life, they wield this sacred art,

Unearthing the essence, the core, the heart.

The anger-fueled response, a vicious, endless spin,

Drains their strength, entwined in conflict’s din.

A relentless cycle, energy spent in vain,

Leaving them bereft, in perpetual pain.

But the measured response, with energy just and right,

Births understanding, dispels the darkest night.

In its glow, the problems of life start to sway,

Guiding humans toward a brighter day.

In the end, two paths before us lie,

One bound by anger, the other set to fly.

A choice we make, to which we must concede,

Will determine if we soar or slowly recede.

So let us strive to harness energy’s grace,

To understand life’s mysteries, face to face.

In this pursuit, we may find the key,

To live a life unburdened, forever free.